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About B2 Hookah

B2 Hookah products are made with the highest quality,
meticulously designed & engineered, and made in the USA.
Design & Engineering
Made in USA
Made in USA

Some Features of B2 Hookah

Design & Engineering




A bit about our history

Who We Are & What We Do is a USA based company that believes in quality over quantity.
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B2 Hookah Team

We are very proud of the team we work with. From the beginning to the end,
we make sure our customers are going to receive a quality product.

Our Design Team


Our Developing Team


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A Few Things About B2Hookah

Large Diameters

B2 Hookah Features

Universal Heat-sink Top Piece
Just like the rest of the parts, the top is designed and produced with thin extrusions which allow for the heat to dissipate.
With a few spins of the air tight threads, you can adjust the B2 from 3 different sizes. (This does not include the vase.)
Threaded Diffuser
Because the B2 has such wide gauges, noise can be an issue. The bottom stem is now threaded to allow you to add our B2 Diffuser.
Patent Pending Locking Tray
We have designed the first of its kind tray, with a sleek look, this tray will actually catch your ash and allows for the coal to be red hot. Lock it in to the top, allowing it to only rotate.
Aerospace Quality Anodizing
We anodize all metals prior to usage, this process increases resistance to corrosion, wear, and creates the stealth look.
Multi-Use Valves
The purge gauges are modular in which you can either use one hose, or take the valve off and replace it with another hookah valve, creating a 2 hose hookah.

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