El Nefes Bohemian Crystal Base with Gold Accents – Teal Yunan


This Crystal Bohemian base by El Nefes showcases quality with a hint of ancient and a dab of modern. These bases stand around 11″-12″ in height and have an opening which will range from 1.8″ – 2.0″.  The Crystal is hand blown by Artisans and decorated with real gold. This is the perfect base if you are looking for a high quality product.

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El Nefes Bohemian Crystal Bases are high quality bases made with crystal, not glass. Each base is blown and painted by artisans using gold accents. These bases are heavy, and have a much thicker structure, does not mean they are indestructible, but you can feel the difference. If you are looking for something to compliment your B2, this is a winner.

Each crystal base is polished with a polishing wheel and decorated by hand using real gold. Floral motifs are complemented with different stained crystals.


  • ~12″ Height
  • ~1.8″-2″ Opening

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