B2 Hookah Precious Cut Collection™ Glow Matte White & Burl Wood


B2 Hookah™ Precious Cut Collection™ Glow Matte White & Burl Wood – 1 of 1- Pre-Order

Production is closing in and we are now taking pre-orders for our limited Precious Cut Collection™. Each piece is 1 of 1, no two Precious Cut Collections™ are the same. We have created a mixture of wood colors as well as color compounds.

Limited Quantities Made.

Each Precious Cut Collection™ will come with the PCC™ logo and serial number.

Our Precious Cut Collection™ is made with the same style and materials of the original B2 Hookah™. It is created for the aficionado hookah smoker, and with its easy assembly, it is perfect for novice user as well. With our patent pending design, you can increase and decrease the size of the hookah with just a few twists. Our products are all made in the USA and offer the highest quality in materials. The patent pending “heat sink” design creates a self-cooling process, allowing for a smooth smoke throughout your session. Our modular design allows for 2 different heights and additions of future accessories.

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B2 Hookah™ is designed using high grade quality 6061 Aluminum. Designed and made in the USA using aerospace certified CNC machinists. All products come with a unique serial number and certificate of authenticity, to guarantee your authenticity.

Please contact us to verify any serial numbers you wish or if you have any questions.

Each B2 Hookah™ Precious Cut Collection™ comes with a unique serial number and an authenticity card to verify. If you have received a B2 Hookah™ and there is no serial number or you want to check to make sure the serial number is authentic, please contact us and we will provide the correct steps to get your verification.

What’s Included:

B2 Top Piece
1 B2 Body Piece
B2 Base Piece
B2 Stem Piece
B2 Purge Valve with Ball
B2 Hose Valve
B2 Diffuser

(Tray & Vase NOT included!)

Colors: Glow in the Dark Matte White & Burl Wood

Made in USA

Handmade Disclaimer:

All of our hookahs from the Precious Cut Collection™ are individually hand crafted, they are one of a kind creations and not factory manufactured. As a result they will have subtle variations caused in the wood as well as the hand crafting. Please be aware that wood naturally has defects. No two blanks are the same. There may be knots, wood grain, cracks, missing chunks, and other imperfections in your wood. Some reclaimed woods may have bigger dents, missing chunks, chips, and other natural occurring characteristics. We believe these things are what makes the item unique and beautiful.

Our products should be used outdoors temporarily, or kept indoors or under a covered porch out of the weather and sun over extended periods of time, this will cause the wood to fade or crack from the weather.

We suggest that you lightly clean and quickly dry your Precious Cut piece, wood does not do too well with moisture. (see FAQ for more detail.)

All PCC items are hand crafted and polished, there may be minor chips, smudges, imperfections of polyurethane, or polishing compound, this adds to the handmade character of the piece. If you would like a perfect piece, please take a look at our aluminum B2 stems.

When receiving your item, you might see polishing compound, either in white or brown, this should rub off over time. If it does not rub off, we do NOT recommend scraping them off.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to get in touch with us via sales@b2hookah.com

Additional information

Weight6 lbs
Dimensions12 x 12 x 6 in


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