Alpaca Hookah Bowl – Made in USA – Variety of Styles & Colors

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Looking for a quality bowl? Alpaca Bowl Company has created not one or two but a variety of bowl styles which will fit your need. These bowls range in 15-25+ grams of capacity depending on how you like to enjoy your session.  Each bowl is hand-made here in the States. With their mastered clay mix, every bowl can maximize  your overall experience.

Please use the drop box to choose the style and color of your bowl. Please be aware that photos might be different as each bowl is made slightly different and might have a slight difference in glazing, height, and width.

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Alpaca Bowl Company is an American brand who designs & hand makes all their bowls in USA. They specialize in a diverse variety of hand-made clay bowls with 100% food safe glazes. Their clay mix has been tediously tested to come up with the perfect reduction and release of heat, to properly bake your bowl.

Alpaca Bowl Company are the original producers of the Rook, Predator, Symphony, Apache, Square, Egy Bowl, Lipache, LeRook, and the No Name Bowl.

We carry a variety of colors and bowl styles. Due to the production process and that they are all individually hand-made, items may vary from photos.

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Weight1 lbs

Egy No Glaze, No Name Purple & Black, Symphony Black, Symphony Cappucino, Symphony Blue, Symphony Yellow, Predator Cappucino, Predator Pink


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